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Design of individual heating points


Before starting the design of a heat point (central or individual heat point), our organization needs to obtain technical specifications from the customer for connecting or reconstructing a heat point

After studying all the requirements of the energy supply organization, as well as all the wishes of the customer, we calculate the cost of design work for all sections of the working draft

As part of the working draft, according to DBN V.2.5-39:2008 External networks and facilities. Heating networks (for Ukraine) included :

  • Explanatory note;
  • Principal diagram;
  • Installation drawings and sections;
  • Hydraulic pipe pressure drop calculation;
  • Installation drawings of the heat metering unit;
  • Plan of placement of heat engineering equipment;
  • Automation schemes for engineering or central heating centers;
  • Electrical diagrams for connecting thermal mechanical equipment;
  • Summary specification;
  • Final - estimated calculation;
  • Axonometric diagram.

Planning of district heating networks

Planning of district heating networks

Planning of district heat networks is a very complex and important part of the planning of civil infrastructure.

Before starting Planning of district heat networks, the customer must have the following documents or order pre-design work by our specialists, the scope of which includes:

  • object inspection;
  • measuring work;
  • clarification of initial data;
  • load on the heating system, ventilation, technology, hot water supply - the maximum and average value of Gcal (MW), these data are calculated when designing the internal system of air, VC;
  • location of an individual heating point;
  • refinement of the terms of reference for the design of heat networks;
  • a completed questionnaire for obtaining technical conditions for the heat supply of an object.

It is possible to independently obtain technical conditions for the heat supply of an object only after collecting the documents that are shown below:

  • Letter addressed to the director of the organization supplying thermal energy for technical specifications:
  • Question letter (to be filled in by the design organization);
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of the premises (for existing facilities);
  • Agreed master plan, relief organization scheme (for new construction);
  • Plan in mastaba 1:2000 showing the building to be connected to the heating networks;
  • A completed form with payer details.

Planning of water supply and wastewater networks

planning of water supply and wastewater networks

Before starting the design of external engineering networks of water supply and sewerage of any object, it is necessary to complete the design of internal water supply and sewerage, in order to obtain the TS (technical specifications) of the organization that will supply your construction site with water and drain wastewater through domestic sewerage networks. Obtaining one specification (technical specification) without another is impossible, except if you have your own well, agreed with all the necessary authorities.

Required technical data for the design of external engineering networks for water supply and sewerage:

  • Estimated value of water (for household and industrial, fire extinguishing, as well as for irrigation) and sewerage (drainage). If you do not have such a calculation, we can perform it as soon as possible, as well as fill out questionnaires. This service is paid and negotiated separately, depending on the number of consumers;
  • Desired places for laying water supply and sewerage routes;

Planning of water supply networks during the construction of a new residential building (house), industrial enterprise, administrative buildings, as a rule, is carried out in conjunction withboiler house design, heating system design, water supply and sewerage design, heating network design.

Design of heating systems

Design of heating systems

Thermal engineering calculation performed taking into account the thermal conductivity of all layers of the building envelope, orientation on the sides of the light. Arrangement and dimensions of heating devices, collector nodes and piping routing is agreed with the customer before starting the heating design. When choosing visible Elements of the heating system take into account the design of the premises.

Heating system design includes:


Design of gas supply networks

The design of external engineering networks for gas supply is carried out in accordance with DNAOP 0.00-1.20-98 “Safety Rules for Gas Supply Systems of Ukraine”, “Rules for the Supply and Use of Natural Gas in the National Economy of Ukraine”, DBN V.2.5-41:2009 “Gas Pipelines from Polyethylene Pipes”, and also according to the technology of the equipment manufacturer, taking into account the wishes of the reserve, fixed in the design specification.

The project of external engineering networks of gas supply includes:

Design of gas supply networks
  • Explanatory note;
  • Topographic and geodetic plan of the external networks of the gas pipeline (network tracing);
  • Hydraulic calculation;
  • Specification of equipment and materials;

The project of external engineering networks for gas supply is usually carried out together with boiler house design, heating system design", water supply and sewerage design. More...

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